Educating and developing youth riders into cycling experts who integrate bicycling into their daily lives.

The Ghisallo Foundation

Over 17,212 youth participants

have attended our bicycle riding, maintenance, and safety Bike Club and Earn-A-Bike classes since 2013.


more have taken part in our Bike Rodeos and clinics!

We envision a community where youth become lifelong expert cyclists and safety-conscious riders.

Our core focus is youth bicycling skills & cycling education.

We are mentors. Our goal is not only to provide Austin youth with supervised access to outdoor physical activity, but to help them develop into self-sufficient riders who have the skills and knowledge to use their bicycles for transportation without depending on adults.

We provide semester-long, after-school Bike Clubs with weekly bicycle maintenance and riding classes as well as an Earn-A-Bike program, Bicycle Rodeos, and maintenance and safety clinics.

We facilitate bicycle ownership for those who cannot afford it on their own and maintenance support for those who can. Our Earn-A-Bike program at Boys and Girls Club East Austin Club continues to grow and has helped over a hundred students earn new-to-them bikes and many more to repair and maintain the bikes they already had.

Our Apprentice Mechanic offering is expanding into an elective class where high school students will earn an Apprentice Mechanic Certificate and be eligible for additional paid internships.

We have developed a new Apprentice Program that matches participants with paid internships. We hired our first apprentice, Se’Daruis, in April, and in the summer of 2014 we partnered with Austin B-Cycle where he worked building and repairing bikes and gaining valuable skills and experience.

We strive to create a culture of positive peer mentorship and mutual support that fosters the development of leaders within social groups and communities. This has been demonstrated by our youth Ride Assistants, Shop Assistants, and paid Apprentices, all of whom have grown from within our various programs to become youth leaders.

Our Sponsors

The bike rodeos the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has done at Gullett have been not only lots of fun for the kids, but a great opportunity for students to hone their skills. It’s a win-win situation because children get more excited about biking, and parents gain confidence that it is a safe mode of transportation on a daily basis.
Laura DiCarlo, Gullett Elementary School Green Team