The Ghisallo Foundation is an Austin, TX based 501c3 nonprofit working to enhance and expand the cycling community through project based initiatives. Our primary mission is to educate and develop youth riders into cycling experts who integrate bicycling into their daily lives.

While we undertake a diverse set of projects, our core focus is youth bicycling skills and cycling education. For nearly three years we have provided semester long, after school weekly bicycle maintenance and riding classes in multiple Austin Independent School District Middle Schools. We have also partnered with the Boys and Girls Club EAST campus to provide a bi-weekly bicycle maintenance and earn-a-bike program for low income at-risk youth that the EAST campus supports.

In addition to the ongoing youth programs, we provide community related cycling services such as Bike Rodeos, bicycle parking facility design and installation, as well as cycling-related research projects. We participate in Bike Month, Bike-to-Work Day, various Keep Austin Beautiful projects, and founded Bike-to-Eat Week which is a direct incentive program from restaurants, bars, retail, and service businesses to cyclists to encourage transportation cycling.

The Ghisallo Foundation is developing an innovative cycling education system, called Cycle Academy which is built on best practice knowledge, uses various features of game theory to engage students with the material and provides a self-paced recognition and reward system. Program piloting began Fall 2012 within our various youth programs and is being expanded to a select number of external stakeholders Fall 2013. We have a planned public launch of the program in 2014.