After a long and patient wait while permits were waved and plants and soil secured we completed the landscaping project at 11th and Navasota!

The goal of the project was to beautify the two un-landscaped ROW areas adjacent to the 11th and Navasota public bike parking island (concrete platform with 4 bike racks). We excavated 3-4” of soil+weeds which was then replaced with clean fill, native low-to-no water plants and crushed granite.

The on-site work occurred on 12/15/2013 took approximately four and a half hours with 8 volunteers and totalled approximately 28-30 work hours.

A drunk driver had run off the road and destroyed three of the four bike racks two weeks prior to our install date which complicated things a bit. The City was not going to have time to replace them (4-6 month backlog) prior to our install, so we picked up replacement racks from the City and replaced them ourselves, for free, as it is a service the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative provides to help fund some of its youth programming.

All in all we are very happy with the results and hope you are as well. The freezes over the past week have put the hurt on some of the plants but they should recover in the Spring.

We would like to that Keep Austin Beautiful, Organics by Gosh, The Great Outdoors, East Side Succulents, and Hillside Farmacy for providing materials and support for the install.