Apprentice Mechanic

Apprentice Mechanic is a new type of class that provides instruction based on the Cycle Academy mechanical badge framework. During the 8-week program students will learn and practice the skills needed to be considered an Apprentice Mechanic and will receive an Apprentice Mechanic Certificate upon successful completion.

This is not a formal certification process but it is a good start and creates a solid foundation. A student successfully completing an Apprentice Mechanic course will have the skills and experience to be considered a competent bike builder and a novice mechanic. The goal is to then place outstanding students into our Apprentice Program where they have access to paid apprenticeships at local bike shops and bicycle-centric organizations to further develop their skills, provide work experience, and assist them in building their resumes.

We can either provide a self-contained program at your site, or we can provide the class at our youth bike shop location at the Boys and Girls Club East Austin Club. This service includes practice bikes, tools, stands, and course materials for each student. Class sizes are typically limited to a 1-to-5 ratio of instructors to students. Depending on funding, students may also be provided with tool sets to keep once the course is completed so that they have the tools they need to apply the knowledge they learned.