Cycle Academy

Structured Education Program Geared Toward Youth Cyclists

Cycle Academy is our structured education program geared toward youth cyclists focused on bicycle riding, safety, and maintenance skills.

The goals of Cycle Academy is to enable youth to develop into self-sufficient and confident riders. The program components focus on hands-on learning, self-sufficiency, developing a healthy lifestyle by integrating bicycling into daily activities, and community service.


BikeStart is our learn to ride based clinic for kids of all ages and abilities. Students learn the basics of biking – steering, balancing and pedaling – on our dedicated fleet of balance and pedal bikes.

Bicycle Skills Challenge

Our Bicycle Skills Challenge is a youth skills clinic where participants learn basic riding and safety skills (bike control, stopping, obstacle avoidance, hand signals, and helmet fitting).

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Bicycle Adventure Course

The Bicycle Adventure Course is our free form course designed for kids to practice riding, navigating obstacles, turning, stopping and riding around others.

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Bike Club

Bike Clubs are our semester-long, after-school programs where students learn a mix of riding, safety and bicycle maintenance skills. Navigation and exploration are key focuses of the classes.

Bicycle Lending Library

The Bicycle Lending Library is like a Public Library for bikes hosted by a school. Rather than checking out a book, students or clients can check out a bike, helmet and lock for free to ride to school as well as during outside of school time.

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Bike Fix-A-Thon

A Bike Fix-A-Thon is a bicycle maintenance clinic where youth can bring their bikes to get a quick safety and maintenance check, get repairs depending on the supplies available, and receive a Bicycle Report Card. It can occur during the school day as an elective activity, or outside of school hours as a separate event.


An Earn-A-Bike program enables students to earn a bike of their own via sweat equity as part of a Build-a-Bike, Ride-to-Earn, or Learn-to-Earn program format. For the Build-A-Bike program students participate in rebuilding, repairing, and completing a set of maintenance tasks so that they have the knowledge and experience to maintain it once it is theirs. In both Ride-to-Earn and Learn-to-Earn students earn their bike through participation and skills achievement.

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