Get There ATX & Smart Trips

Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Get There ATX is the ultimate resource for people to discover the many transportation options that exist in Austin. is a one-stop-shop that lowers the barriers to information for residents, employees, employers and visitors interested in taking more sustainable trips, but who may be intimidated by trying a new transportation mode or don’t know where to start. To help achieve the goal of a 50/50 mode share by 2039 set in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, half of all Austin commuters need to use transportation modes that are more sustainable than drive-alone trips, such as bikes, transit, walking, shared rides and micromobility options. In 2021, Ghisallo joined Get There ATX as a partner to lead a mix of bicycle, walking, and multi-modal trips. Each ride and trip features high-comfort bikeways, walking trails, and improved infrastructure for the Austin community to experience.

Partnership Recap June 2021 - Dec 2021

Over the span of 7-months, Ghisallo led 14 events, including 2 Beginning City Cycling clinics, 10 bike rides, and 2 walking tours for a total of 263 participants. Our team collaborated with 14 community partners and guided people of all ages and skill levels on comfortable bike routes, shared-use paths, and calm neighborhood streets

During the events, 42 participants, which is 17% of participating riders, utilized Ghisallo bicycles and 11+ participants used MetroBikes. On average, 77% of participants that signed-up for events via registration forms attended the events. 

Smart Trips Austin, a partnership between the City of Austin and Capital Metro.

Smart Trips Austin, a partnership between the City of Austin and Capital Metro, is a yearly program designed to help residents use sustainable transportation solutions (biking, walking, carpooling, and using transit or other mobility options) and reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips in Austin. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative executed the 2019 Smart Trips Austin Eastside program as the community engagement partner. Covering a program area of 24,000 households over the span of 5-months, we hosted 4 beginning city cycling clinics, 14 bike rides, 7 walking tours, and 5 multi-modal events. Our team partnered with over 20 community groups and organizations, as well as provided one-on-one personalized support and educational resources to individuals and families.