The core services we offer can be categorized into two groups, clinics and classes. Clinics are typically a single event with a basic scope. Classes provide long-term, in-depth instruction and have a larger and more complex set of objectives.


The three clinics we typically offer are Bike Start, Bike Rodeos and Bike Fix-A-Thons.

Bike Start

A Bike Start clinic is a learn to ride program utilizing balance bikes where participants learn basic steering and balancing skills and then graduate to a pedal bike to develop additional riding and safety skills.

Bike Rodeo

A Bike Rodeo is just another name for a youth skills clinic where participants learn basic riding and safety skills (bike control, stopping, obstacle avoidance, hand signals, and helmet fitting) and which may include a short, group ride.

Bike Fix-A-Thon

A Bike Fix-A-Thon is a bicycle maintenance clinic where kids can bring their bikes to get a quick safety and maintenance check, get repairs depending on the supplies available, and receive a Bicycle Report Card.


Our classes generally fall into one of three formats: Bike Club, Earn-A-Bike and Bike Maintenance, and Apprentice Mechanic classes.

Bike Clubs

Bike Clubs typically take the form of a semester-long, after-school program and may continue for multiple semesters. They involve a mix of riding, safety, and bicycle maintenance skills. Navigation and exploration are also key focuses of the classes.


An Earn-A-Bike class aims to encourage youth of all ages to ride bicycles more often by teaching the maintenance skills needed to keep their bicycle in proper working order. If a student does not have a bike, they can choose one of the donated bikes and work with an instructor to fix and refurbish it. Participants are also provided with safety equipment and bike safety instruction

Apprentice Mechanic

The Apprentice Mechanic class provides in-depth and formalized bicycle mechanic skills training. Students will learn and practice the skills needed to be considered an Apprentice Mechanic and will receive an Apprentice Mechanic Certificate upon successful completion. These classes then feed into our Apprentice Program, which places outstanding students in paid apprenticeships at a local bike shops and bicycle-centric organizations to further develop their skills, provide them with work experience, and assist them in building their resume.