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Enjoy helping others get outside and give back to their community? Great! Celebrate with us on a bike ride, a park clean up and party on Keep Austin Beautiful Day! Ghisalllo Cycling Initiative needs folks who are fun, dedicated, personable, and ready to take action to fulfill the Keep Austin Beautiful mission: engaging citizens to […]

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The Bike Club at Reilly Elementary has been rocking and rolling it from day one. On our first day riding off campus, we biked over two miles crossing both Lamar and Airport Boulevard, two very busy intersections, to practice how to safely cross barrier streets (by walking your bike). One of our Bike Club members […]

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Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online

Tramadol Online Europe

Some days it is hard to be on our best behavior. Whatever the reason, sometimes we forget to follow rules and show our best standards of decorum. Our girls in the Rodriguez ES bike club recently had one such day—which included littering at a local playground. The Ghisallo bicycling instructors wanted to teach these students […]

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Over two crisp January mornings, 121 students at Ortega Elementary School learned vital bicycle safety skills in the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative Bicycle Skills Challenge (BSC). Each of the two sessions began at 8am inside the gym with the 5th grade students.  The temperature outside was too cold for safe biking on the basketball court in […]

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Overnight Tramadol Mastercard

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk

We had a blast last weekend at Langford Elementary’s first End of the Month Bike Ride of the year. We got extra lucky with the weather as the sun showed up nice and bright after an all-night downpour. Almost three months ago, we kicked off the very first Bicycle Lending Library at Langford Elementary and […]

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The Ghisallo Cycling Initiative rang in the New Year by getting a group of young cyclists off to a great start! We began the new semester at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders during their Intersession Enrichment program. Once we collected the permission slips from the ten high school juniors, we dove into our […]

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On Friday, Austin Transportation organized a pop-up bikeways demonstration at Reilly Elementary School to celebrate the upcoming bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Romeria and Denson Drive. We led a bicycle skills challenge course for students and their families to get ready and excited for the two-way protected bikeway that will be installed in front of […]

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We kicked off the holiday season this year by providing a free pedicab shuttle, courtesy of Easy Rider Pedicabs, at the Conley-Guerrero Recreation Center for the 550 seniors attending the annual holiday luncheon organized by the Fire Department and sponsoring partners. Our Golden Rollers are usually the ones biking around at Conley-Guerrero but this time […]

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The Sanchez Bike Club always starts off by asking “where are we going today?” eager for the next adventure. Although we had to say no to biking to Miami, we did have a special destination for the last day of Bike Club for the season: hot chocolate at City Hall! We cruised down the Ann […]

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