We are expanding our commitment to keeping major bicycle thoroughfares attractive, accessible, and litter free in Austin through our new two year adoption of Nueces street. The target stretch runs from 5th to MLK (1.0 mile) and is one of two streets that combine to form the Downtown Bike Boulevard. Unlike the LAB underpass adoption, this will be more focused on area litter abatement rather than site management.

Our parallel Rio Grande adoption complements Nueces as the second portion of the Downtown Bike Boulevard. Their proximity will allow us to double up and clean both stretches as a single clean-up event. We are also going to take on the responsibility of documenting roadway issues (potholes, recessed or missing utility covers, and cracks), reporting them to the City, and following up with the issue tracking tickets to ensure they are repaired.

We will be posting calls for volunteers both on our site calendar and news feed in addition to the official Keep Austin Beautiful event calendar. If you see one and are free, please come out and help us keep our bikeways clean for all of us. Be sure to check out everything else KAB is doing to help keep Austin livable and beautiful.