On October 27th, Ghisallo Cycling Initiative presented the annual KidsFest and Safety Fair at the St. David’s Children’s Hospital. This was a festive Halloween-themed event involving families, community stakeholders and other safety-minded organizations. Along with a variety of fun fair activities, Ghisallo set up a Bicycle Skills Challenge area where kids could practice riding our bikes, and get fitted for special bicycle helmets they could take home for FREE!

A volunteer unboxing and laying out free bike helmets.

This big event was a collaborative effort. The Bicycle Sport Shop set up a bicycle repair station nearby, so kids who brought their own bikes from home could get them tuned up before taking a ride. Local AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers also offered their services by helping with setup, fitting kids for helmets, and helping kids find bikes that fit them best.

Two AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers filling up bike tires.
One volunteer helping a girl buckle her helmet.

Ghisallo set up three different bicycle courses. The first course was a Bicycle Skills Challenge for experienced cyclists to practice their safety skills. This course also had obstacles for kids maneuver around.

This boy zoomed over the obstacles.
This girl rides with ease.

Many kids at the fair could not ride two-wheeled bikes yet. But no worry, the Ghisallo crew set up a course for less experienced kids to ride pedal-less balance bikes. Many of the kids got riding on their own and moved up to the more advanced course in no time.


A girl and a boy having fun on balance bikes.

The kids had a fun time riding bikes and taking home their new helmets. We are glad so many kids came out to ride–extra kudos for wearing such cool Halloween costumes!

This girl had her own pink helmet to go with her pink bike, and her pink costume.