“One of the most important days of my life, was when I learned to ride a bicycle.” ~ Michael Palin

This year at the Safe Kids Day celebration on Saturday, June 8th, we offered two courses: the BikeStart Learn to Ride course and the Bicycle Skills Challenge. We had seventy new and learning cyclists come out to take on the courses.

The BikeStart Learn to Ride course offers young budding riders the opportunity to learn on Woom balance bikes as well as the Woom size 2 and 3 bikes with pedals on a short course while the Bicycle Skills Challenge gives young riders a different surfaces to ride over and obstacles to avoid.

Other vendors at the event gave away helmets, car seats, healthy snacks, and safety information. The event was held at Ascension Seton Williamson in Round Rock this year. We look forward already to next year’s event!

Safe Kids is a nonprofit organization that works to help families keep children safe from injury. Most people are surprised to learn that preventable injury is the biggest killer of children in the U.S. Safe Kids has helped the U.S. death rate of children from unintentional death by 57%. To learn more about Safe Kids, go to www.safekids.org