On a warm and sunny afternoon, the Mendez Middle School bike club took a trip to a new location, Onion Creek. We rolled out from Mendez and biked along South Pleasant Valley Rd. The route had a few hills, and this gave the students the opportunity to practice shifting their gears to make pedaling easier as we biked single-file on the sidewalks. Whether they pedaled all the way, or walked their bikes up an incline, the Mendez students pushed through with smiles on their faces.

Before we knew it we reached Onion Creek Park. We pedaled past the dog park and down a grassy path until we reached our destination, a particularly scenic part of the Onion Creek. After we parked our bikes, the Mendez students excitedly skipped over to the creek to kneel at its edge and put their hands in the cool water. A few of them even waded into the shallows and splashed around.

We’re proud of the Mendez crew for biking someplace new and having so much fun!


Getting ready to roll out.


What a great view!




Walking or riding, we all made it to the top!