At the end of the semester we try to have a group outing with each class as both a thank you for participating and also as a destination where we can socialize and reflect on all we accomplished during the class.

At Blackshear we all decided to get Real Hot Chocolate at Blue Dahlia Bistro, a local cafe that donated the drinks to our field trip.

We had perfect weather and while we waited for our drinks we passed the time with some light reading, the New York Times and the Austin Chronicle. Some DIY Hot Chocolate and then a leisurely ride back to school was a great way to end the semester.

As an unexpected bonus, we ran into James with Austin B-Cycle. He fielded an impromptu Q&A session from the students as they were curious about all the red bikes.




Catching up on World Events with The New York Times:



No powdered cocoa here, nothing but the best:



James gives the kids the rundown on Austin Bcycle: