For three Wednesdays this summer, Ghisallo was invited to hold a bicycle skills challenge for campers at the Carver Museum. The safari arts summer camp explores creativity through music, movement, arts, and crafts. The campers are encouraged to use their imaginations– to create ART while learning about Black contributions to the Arts.

We set up a course for the campers so we could teach a variety of safe cycling skills. Verbal signals, hand signals, and scanning were amongst the cycling safety skills the students learned.

Once the campers completed the bicycle skills challenge course, we took them to the track to practice riding in a bubble and riding as a group.

Before we get on bikes, we discuss the 5 Steps to Helmet Fitting with the campers.
Riders in position and ready to take on the course.


Scanning for cars approaching is a safe practice for all cyclists.
Look at that perfect stance!