The Earn-A-Bike program at Boys and Girls Club East started off with a bang this semester! A flurry of new students flocked to class to gain skills and earn bikes for themselves. New students will be aided by instructors in the coming months to gain bikes, knowledge and a sense of pride in their work!

After completing a set of rebuilding, repairing and maintenance tasks students earn their own bikes. Rolando earned his bike after gaining enough skills through the program to equip him to be a self-sufficient bike owner.

Many alumni students stay in the program even after they earn a bike. Students return to help others and to work on bikes for their family members or other kids in need. Graduates of the Earn-A-Bike program walk away with a bike they built as well as the knowledge and desire to help the next wave of students.

Many new students were eager to get started earning bikes.



Rolando with his new bike.



Christian is all smiles with his newly earned bike.



We are proud of Isaiah’s hard work to earn his new BMX bike.