The Reilly Elementary Bike Club hit the ground rolling this semester! Reilly Elementary students learned the ropes and hit the streets on their bikes this past week!

Bike Club members spent the first classes learning basic safety and riding skills at the school. Ghisallo Instructors teamed with Co-Instructor, Matthew, to lead his daughter, Bella, along with other diligent Reilly students to earn their first ride off campus this semester. Ten students learned how to ride single file, call out turns, and signal turns to prepare for riding among traffic and pedestrians.

The Club was on the road in no time! After working hard at Reilly and gaining the knowledge to stay safe, the cohort ventured off campus. Students negotiated nearby sidewalks, learned the hazards of driveways, and safely managed street crossings. This first journey was only the beginning of many exciting bike adventures to come with the Reilly Elementary Bike Club!

Students taking a break from working on the skills needed to ride off-campus.REILLY-BIKE_CLUB-20150224

The class takes their first off-campus trip. Learning how to safely ride on the sidewalk.