The Mendez Middle School students worked hard and played hard at Bike Club this week! As semesters progress and students are introduced to a variety of routes around town, instructors are able to give students the responsibility of choosing ride destinations for their class. This class, Mendez students chose to take the seven-mile trek to Onion Creek.

The long ride held many rewards along the way and at the final destination. With the weather cooperating wonderfully, the Bike Club went swimming, skipped rocks, rode off street trails in the park and observed lovely bluebonnets. The middle school students were more than satisfied with their trail choice this week!

Cruising through through the park.MENDEZ_BIKE_CLUB-20150212-01-JESSI-HIPOLITO

Riding along the Onion Creek Trail.MENDEZ_BIKE_CLUB-20150210-01

Skipping rocks for distance and bragging rights.Mendez-Bike_Club-20150324-02-tue

Kids love playing in creeks.Mendez-Bike_Club-20150324-04-tue