A new semester means new faces at the Martin Middle School Bike Club.

Our first ride took some new 6th graders out on the track before heading out to Lady Bird Lake Trail. Treyson and Michaela really caught on quick and followed the lead of the veteran riders from last semester.

As we rolled down a more secluded trail, we caught site of a group of deer standing in the trees. Everyone was very excited to see the deer, and in the city really surprised the kids.

From the quiet trail we made our way to the Butler Hike & Bike Boardwalk. This was the first time on the boardwalk for Michaela who has to be one of the most enthusiastic students we’ve had.

Carlos helped out as a leader. He used his experience of 3 years in the program to show the younger kids the riding etiquette and route.

Shortly after seeing the deer.


Carlos was a big help with his leadership.


Michaela’s first trip to the Boardwalk.