What a fun day at Martin Middle School Bike Club.

Even with a dance at the school, Carlos decided he would rather ride bikes. He is a veteran rider and one of the best in the club. We felt great that he chose to ride with the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative.

The destination and route were left up to Carlos. He first chose the 9th Street Pump-Track. But, as we got closer to downtown he heard the ACL Fest in Zilker Park. He decided he wanted to go check it out. We rode around the back and out the road to the front. He got a kick out of all the people watching.


Because he was such a trooper we stopped for snow cones. As we talked, he said that one of his dreams is to have a motor home. He would take his family to Oklahoma, then to California. He thought for a while and decided if he could go anywhere outside the US, he would go to Russia and cruise through the snow.


It was great to get to know and make a connection with Carlos.

Plus, we rode 9 miles!! Farther than we ever have!!