In Fall 2015 we were very happy to start working with Austin Sunshine Camps, another great organization providing after-school enrichment to kids from around Austin.

With a full 10 bike fleet of their own, we were able to get a big group of kids rolling for  the first classes.

We took off cruising along the Lady Bird Lake Trail. This was many of the kids first time to ride along the trail, and they thought it was pretty cool to have a way to get around the city without having to ride on the streets.

The trail led us to Butler Park and Doug Sahm Hill. After taking the winding path to the top they took in a view that is one of the best in Austin.

After a quick stop for water and a snack we headed back to the camp. The kids logged a lot of miles in their first class, but came away with some new ideas about riding in Austin.

Heading out for the day’s adventure.


Rolling up the loop on Doug Sahm Hill.


“Top o’ the World”Sunshine_Camp-bike_club-20150930-6