At Cook Elementary we met some challenges for our Bike Rodeo. On day 2, we had to cancel 2 classes due to unexpected rain in the afternoon but were able to reschedule them to ensure all students were able to participate in the program. We implemented our indoor program due to severe rain that lasted the entire day. Despite the bad weather, we educated 254 participants in 3rd through 5th grade. We partnered with Cathy Garcia and performed the program during PE.

Praise for the program from the PE teacher:

Hello (Ghisallo),

I am so thankful for the bike rodeo and so are the students at Cook Elementary. As a matter of fact, the students asked about if the bike rodeo was coming again at the beginning of the year.We are so thankful for the bike rodeo, because the impact for my students is amazing. Today, I recognized students are starting to wear their helmets more when the City of Austin came with their safety presentation. The benefits for the students are life long.

As an avid bicyclist, I totally support the bike rodeo. Austin is a top bike city and it is such a great gift for the students to learn how to ride their bikes safely.

Thank you Ghisallo Cycling Initiative!


Cathy D. Garcia

Cook Elementary

Physical Education Teacher

Students practice the skills inside due to bad weather.