We continued our Bike Rodeo program with Cunningham Elementary. The students were very excited to have the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative return for another year of bike riding during school. The students from last year were a great help during the class. We were very impressed with how much they remembered from the previous year’s lesson. This year we educated 172 participants in 3rd through 5th grade. We partnered with Connie Cantu-Arocho and performed the program during PE.

Coach Cantu-Arocho had high praise for our program in a letter:

Dear (Ghisallo Cycling Initiative),

I would like to thank you for coming to Cunningham.     Our students are very grateful for having the opportunity to review the very important bike skills you taught them.   This is our second year to have you come to our school and hope you can come back next year as well.

Connie Arocho

Cunningham Elementary School

The students also expressed their joy and lessons learned during for the program:

I learned to use my left hand for the Stop hand-signal. – Makayla, 5th grade

The power-pedal is really helpful. – Ronnie, 5th grade

Students learn the techniques for proper helmet fitting

Students practice the important skill of “scanning” back.

Everyone enjoys a free ride around the course


I learned not to use my left hand to brake. – Ruby, 5th grade