When students enter the Bike Club Programs they vary in skill level with some students never even having been on a bike before. As a reward for the skills that are learned and practiced throughout the semester, the students pick a fun activity to do on the last day to appreciate their achievements. The Consuelo Mendez Middle School Bike Club chose to highlight their semester accomplishments this week with their farthest ride of the year to McKinney Falls State Park!

Seven students embarked on a twelve-mile round trip journey to McKinney Falls to wrap up a great semester of Bike Club. After the group arrived at the park, they continued on to ride the three-mile park trail spotting wildlife along the way. Students were fascinated to see cardinals, armadillos and a coyote within the park limits. The students not only achieved their farthest ride that day, but also had a blast learning how to play horseshoes for the first time.

Mendez Student Janey beat all expectations on this day. Although she struggled during the taxing ride, she was determined to make it back to the campus without any assistance. Equipped with her semester skills, she used her bike gears properly to make it back to the school independently.

Janey and her fellow students made the Bike Club proud in their achievements today! The ride to McKinney Falls was an exciting adventure to reward students for their progress during the semester.

Janey is all smiles after completing a long day in the saddle:


The kids play horseshoes for the first time:


The group goofs around before heading out: