Partnering with the Kealing Parks & Rec Class taught by Alex Hendrex, we took the kids from Kealing Middle School on an epic bike adventure. The students had heard from their classmates who participated last year how much fun the ride was, so they were more than eager to get out and get on the bikes. After reviewing the 5 Steps to Fitting a Helmet and the ABCD Quick Check, we had the students line up to practice hand signals, scanning, and stopping.

Finally, it’s time to ride! Heading down to the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, the kids where all smiles as we passed many art sculptures along the way. Ducks, fish, and turtles were in plenty when we stopped for a quick water break underneath the highway overpass. Our ride took us to the, “Forever Bicycles,” installation by Ai Weiwei which had the kids in awe. We asked the bikers to guess how many bikes were welded and stacked together before telling them that the sculpture included almost 1300 bicycles!

Reviewing hand signals, scanning, and stopping before the adventure!

Cruising the Boardwalk, spying on turtles, ducks, and fish.

Conquering the trails along Lady Bird Lake.

Ai Weiwei’s, “Forever Bicycles,” installation along the trail. The sculpture includes more than 1200 bicycles.