Exploring the culture and art of Austin is one of our students favorite activities. Along the Hike and Bike Trail lay multiple sculptures of various mediums showcasing the talent of local Austin artists. The students at Sanchez Elementary had passed by this art a few times on their previous rides and decided today they wanted to stop and check it out. After spending some time marveling at the sculptures, the students hopped back on their bikes and took the path towards downtown Austin.

The next stop was the Mexican American Cultural Center. Since it was the month of October, the center had murals and pinatas set out to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. Austin artists came together to paint murals of the city that were filled with sugar skulls, flowers, and musical instruments. We took a break here to point out our favorite parts of the city as displayed on the mural and interact with the giant pendulum pinata, created to represent the strength of our community.

Murals at the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Always time for piggy back rides!

We love Austin!