10-for-10 : 10 Bikes x 10 Districts = 100 New Youth Riders Exploring the World on Two Wheels


Project Background

Get more kids on bikes. This was the idea behind Your Bike, Your Ride. Via the American Cities Climate Challenge, the NRDC Action Fund selected San Antonio for funding to support efforts that build on the tremendous surge in bike riding that has occurred over the last 16 months. 

The City of San Antonio (COSA) Transportation Department and Ghisallo Cycling Initiative envisioned a campaign which would reach all 10 Districts, provide youth with the opportunity for accessible mobility, and increase overall community bicycle safety knowledge and skills. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative was selected to receive the NRDC Action Fund one-time grant to implement this vision, and help San Antonio advance its transportation, climate, and equity goals while piloting a program to produce long-term bike riders among San Antonio’s youth in-coordination with COSA’s SA Bikes program.

The Your Bike, Your Ride program will provide 100 bikes to 100 youth participants (10 in each Council District)!

Sign up to have the chance to be selected to receive a free bicycle!

This free program is available to all households who live in the 10 Council Districts of San Antonio.

  1. Do you live in San Antonio (in one of the 10 Council Districts)?
  2. Do you have a child between the ages of 7 and 11 years old who knows how to ride a bike?
  3. Would you like them to have the opportunity to learn about bicycle safety?
  4. Would you like them to have the chance to be selected to receive a free bicycle (plus helmet, lock, and lights) through this Cycle Academy learn-to-earn based program?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you can sign-up electronically here:


*In-person sign-up is also available at any of the 10 program community partner sites.

Participant sign-ups open on Tuesday 8/3/2021 and closes on Sunday 8/22/2021. 

Recipient selection notification will occur the week of 8/23/2021. If selected for a free bicycle, participants must attend a Cycle Academy safety and skills training clinic as part of the learn-to-earn program. The free 2 hour Cycle Academy hands-on bike education and skills clinic will occur on weekends in September and October at each of the 10 community partner sites across San Antonio and participants will receive their bicycle for use during the clinic. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and the SA Bikes program will also be providing bike recipients with helmets, locks, water bottles and hydration supplies, as well as walking, biking, and driving safety information packs for the households.

All applicant households, independent of being selected, will receive free virtual bicycle safety education materials.







Frank Garrett Multi-Service Center

(210) 207-1700

1226 NW 18th Street

San Antonio, TX 78207 


Lincoln Community Center

(210) 271-7741

2915 E Commerce St

San Antonio, TX 78203


Southside Lions Community Center

(210) 207-7275

3100 Hiawatha St

San Antonio, TX 78210


Millers Pond Community Center

(210) 623-2900

6075 Old Pearsall Rd

San Antonio, TX 78242


Melendrez Community Center

(210) 207-3235

5919 W Commerce St

San Antonio, TX 78237 


Barrera Community Fitness Center

(210) 207-3221

5800 Enrique M. Barrera Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78227


Garza Community Center

(210) 207-3239

1450 Mira Vista

San Antonio, TX 78228 


Igo Library

(210) 207-9080

13330 Kyle Seale Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78249 


Parman Library

(210) 207-2703

20735 Wilderness Oak

San Antonio, TX 78258 


Hamilton Community Center

(210) 207-3121

10700 Nacogdoches Rd

San Antonio, TX 78217 

This project is produced by Ghisallo Cycling Initiative in partnership with the City of San Antonio
and is funded by the NRDC Action Fund.
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